Media Consultancy and Production. Specialising in Nigeria.                                                                                   
With an eye on emerging competitive African markets it has become necessary and prudent to build two way sustainable bridges enabling partnerships that add that extra value efficiently to any investment.

It is becoming increasingly clear that Africa as a whole and Nigeria in particular, as Africa's undisputed economic powerhouse are markets that can no longer be readily ignored or left relatively uncharted by the global media. Past practice of introducing products, idea and ventures as a one size fits all, the odd cultural reference notwithstanding, is now redundant and no longer ensures an acceptable outcome. The African media market just became highly competitive. TFK Media is well placed both within Nigeria and globally with contacts and media practitioners and masterclass leaders in their each of their various fields. TFK Media aims not only to produce high quality programmes and content but also to train and enable nationals to do so without having to leave their shores, their traditions and their beliefs and behind.
TFK Media believes that Nigeria and indeed Africa as a whole, no longer has to sacrifice it's myriad cultural nuances, identities and languages on the altar of the quest for professional broadcast standards and quality that is the international market and usually media produced in its entirety by foreign nationals, where without doubt much is often lost in translation.

TFK Media beieves the future is for those who are able and prepared to work in true partnership with Nigerians and Africa as a whole, to produce a new generation of media that will set the standard for the continent, generating an organic, vastly untapped and highly sustainable unique market.